This Charvel was my very first bass.  It was purchased late 1988, and used until two years ago.  It has custom graphics, and is equipped with EMG electronics.  I am real protective of this bass for sentimental reasons, so I don't use it live anymore.

This Charvel was purchased in 1990, it was my second bass.  It is equipped with custom graphics, and EMG electronics.  15 years later it is still in the line up.  I have a tattoo on my right arm of a dragon wrapped around a bass and this is the bass that is in the tattoo.

I am not sure exactly when I bought this Ibanez Roadstar II. I think it was '89 or '90.  Until 2002 it was bright orange, no hardware, and basically in pieces until I rebuilt it.  So it has new paint, hardware, new neck, and equipped with EMG electronics.

I bought this Ibanez SB900LE in'92.  Custom graphics, and it is Equipped with EMG electronics. This is the bass that I used to record Paisty Jenny's debut CD detours.  At the time it was my favorite and most comfortable bass.

All of the following basses have been added in the last couple years and all of them have EMG electronics. This is the main line up of basses that I use live.

5 Strings


4 Strings

This Ibanez is the main drop d tuned bass, it is tuned d a d g.  Although the volume pot has been replaced, it still has scars from Gregg and I running into each other in Omaha.

Most often this bass is tuned drop d , but sometimes it is  standard tuned.

This blue Ibanez has kind of slid into the spot of being my main bass when playing standard tuning. It is light weight and very comfortable to play. 

The red bass is usually tuned standard, but sometimes it is tuned drop d.


I have one collector bass, it is '73 epiphone semi-hollow body.

I don't use this one exept for when I play on the radio, or some acoustic set.  It is over 30 years old and doesn't have a scratch on it.  Unfortuately it doesn't have EMGs, maybe someday. I used this bass when we played live on Z-92.