From the first time I met Troy, sitting Indian style on the floor in the basement of a home where his band was practicing, I have liked him! I enjoy playing with Troy as his style of bass playing is fast, precise and rock solid! Troy’s stage presence is “Top Shelf” and his knowledge of the bass is unmatched locally! I pulled Troy into our band because of his ability to improvise and add to our sound with ease and comfort! I would not hesitate to ask and add Troy to our show again! Troy is a positive addition to any band he plays’s with as he is able to accommodate any genre and any rhythm style. Troy is one of the best bass players I have had the privilege to share a stage with!

Ed Holloway, Drummer-Last Minute Band Lincoln, NE

Troy Dragon Stevens' musicianship and energy communicates well to the audience as well as the band and creates an experience for everyone. I'd always looked forward to playing with him and look forward to hearing any project of his.

James Burke (Lincoln NE.)

Troy Dragon Stevens can really groove on the bass. This man can play a wide variety of music. Everything form 80's hair bands,heavy metal,to good ole rock and roll. I have watched him throughout the years at many venues and trust me this man delivers everytime! I consider him one of the very best performers in the Lincoln area.

Susan (Lincoln NE.)

Troy Stevens' skills on a bass guitar
is as close to perfection as we've ever seen.
He is an extremely talented musician,and he
puts on a high energy performance with ease."

TreyBlue Entertainment Review
Angela Larsen
Chandra Nuss

"I've beem great friends with Troy for quite a few years now. He is a very talented bassist. His style is more hard rocking but can be melodic at times and is of a take charge hit you in the face style. He has a very aggressive stage presence, mostly due to how well he plays the bass. Listening to him from show to show you can see he's an awesome musician, but not only that he's a terrific person"

Brian (Omaha, NE.)

"I want you to know that Troy has definitely influenced me musically and I will always remember how he shreds. I have'nt seen many musicians who can really steal the show like he does. Jenny and I both agree Troy really rocks!"

Travis (Virginia)

"I love watching Troy on stage! He is an amazing bassist. You can truely hear and see his passion for music. A very strong stage presence and performer. Not only is he a great musician, but what a great person to know. He always comes out into the audience between sets to say hello to everyone and make sure you are enjoying the show. He is also a very strong patriotic person. He had my husband sign one of his flags that has other signatures of military personel. What a great guy to know!! Troy, you ROCK!!!

Tammy (Bellevue NE.)

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